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Volunteer: Achieve The Ascent Awards at Saltire Awards

Earn 2000 pts
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The Ascent Awards are for when you've reached 50, 100, 200 or even 500 hours.

The Ascent

  • 50 hour: 1000 Rewards Points
  • 100 hours: 1500 Rewards Points
  • 200 hours: 1500 Rewards Points
  • 500 hours: 2000 Rewards Points

How to get involved

Search for volunteer opportunities on the brand new Saltire Awards website!

Find out how to earn Awards for volunteering you are already involved in.

You will automatically receive your Rewards Points when you complete and submit your Award on the Saltire Awards website.

You can also receive points for past volunteering you have been involved in, so think about your previous volunteering activity too!

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About Saltire Awards

The Saltire Awards are the Scottish Government's way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding the commitment, contribution and achievements of young volunteers in Scotland, aged between 12 and 25. Young people gain nationally recognised certificates, signed by Scottish Government Ministers, for the different amounts of volunteering they do.

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