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Read: Our Justice: A Series of True Stories and Conversations at Community Justice Scotland

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Listen to young people discuss how past experiences have shaped their lives in the new podcast Our Justice. 

Content warning: Discussion topics in ‘Our Justice’ include the care system, bullying, parental imprisonment, mental health and discrimination based on gender and sexuality. If you are affected by anything in ‘Our Justice’ please visit the Community Justice Scotland website for a list of organisations you can seek support and/or guidance from.

Episodes include a teenager talking about how they coped when their dad was sent to prison, another reveals his experience of the care and justice system as a child and a third shares details of his traumatic childhood, mental health struggles and ending up before a judge in court.

The young people sharing their stories were also helped in workshops to learn podcasting skills and interviewed people connected to meaningful parts of their life stories for other episodes. The first four episodes are available now with the final two being released on 03/08. 

Episodes three and four focus on Elio from Edinburgh who reveals the impact of their dad being sent to prison including bullying and verbal abuse and the difficulties of visiting him in jail. The 18-year-old also talks about being non-binary, the support they received to help them cope with their dad being inside and how they hope opening up about the experience around their dad’s situation will help others.

In Elio’s second episode, they interview their sibling EJ about how their background has given them a unique insight into the justice system from a different side now they’re studying law – what they missed when their dad was in prison and how they had to adjust to life when he was released.

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