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The Higher Biology Podcast gives young people across Scotland access to experts from across the globe. An increasing number of Scottish schools are directing learners to listen to the podcasts. However, engagement has far surpassed original expectations with a growing number of listeners tuning in from 105+ countries across the globe. 
Through the podcast, learners benefit from input to the curriculum from leading experts including astronaut Tim Peake, Chief Scientific Officer for Scotland Julie Fitzpatrick, leading primatologist, Frans de Waal; David Attenborough's Principal Cameraman, Doug Allan; Chief Veterinary Officer, Sheila Voas; Scotland's first black professor, Sir Geoff Palmer; round the world-cyclist, Mark Beaumont; author Jonathan Drori, TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham, New Scientist Chief Editor Adam Vaughan and Scotland's National Clinical Director Jason Leitch, amongst others.

There is now a new series of shorter revision episodes being published in 2024 to help prepare Higher Biology for their SQA exams, providing audio summary notes on each key area.

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