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YouthLink Scotland and Young Scot, supported by The Scottish Government and Volunteering Matters, are looking for 10 young people from across Scotland to be part of the YouthVIP Panel.

On this project, the group will work together to help improve volunteering for young people in Scotland. You will be supported by our staff team to embed the recommendations from the previous group, the Youth Volunteering Innovation project (YouthVIP) as well as young people’s voices in existing volunteering structures to truly embed these within structures, policy, and practice to guarantee lasting change for Scotland’s young people.

What to expect:

This project will run between July 2024 – March 2025. The initial dates are:

  • Recruitment selection Session (Online) – Saturday 27th July 2024
  • Induction Session (In Person) – Saturday 3rd August 2024
  • Session 1 (In Person) – Saturday 31st August 2024
  • Session 2 (TBC) – Saturday 5th October 2024
  • Session 3 TBC) – Saturday 18th January 2025
  • Session 4 (In Person) – Saturday 1st March 2025

Find out more information at our Get Involved page. Ready to sign up? Sign up here.

Applications close 21st July. 

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