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Read about a new digital platform to inspire and support change!

Are you interested in social justice, the climate crisis and shaking up the system? Find out about how Social Shifters can help you to find your passion, then take action! 

What is Social Shifters?
Social Shifters is a global community of innovators and entrepreneurs committed to driving social and environmental change. It's also a free-to-access elearning platform - packed with bite-size video, downloadable tools and inspiring stories.

How can I get involved?
Start by signing up to Social Shifters now - it's FREE! Learn how to develop social or environmental projects, campaigns, or social businesses with their free bite-sized videos and tools and connect with a global community of changemakers just like you!

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Check out Scottish stories from Social Bite and Wild & Kind to inspire you on your journey!

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About Social Shifters

We’re a free e-learning and community platform for charities and social enterprises in Scotland. You’ll find bitesize video, downloadable resources, ways to connect with peers, and innovative services.

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