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Attend: Visit Glasgow Science Festival and Earn Young Scot Reward Points at Glasgow Science Festival

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Glasgow Science Festival is taking place from the 1st - 11th June this year and there are a number of events that our members can earn points by attending!

This year Glasgow Science Festival are 'Looking Forward' and giving you the opportunity to discover the research that’s shaping our future. They have a packed programme of events, head to their webpage for dates, times, venues and what to expect. 

Events are taking place at locations across the city and almost all events are free. Highlights include a six-metre-wide floating vision of the entire Earth, physics lessons with trapeze artists, virtual reality (VR) tours of the human body, a Dungeons & Dragons style show through futuristic Glasgow and a celebration of Govan’s ‘Wee Forest’.

We have teamed up with Glasgow Science Festival and Young Scot Members can earn Young Scot reward points when they attend selected events, these events are:

To redeem your points from these events, look out for the QR code posters at the venues to automatically add the points to your membership account.

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