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Tell Us: Share Your Thoughts on What You Need to Learn

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Share your thoughts on what you need to be ready to learn with this 'What I Need to Learn' survey. 

At Young Scot we have been working with a group of young people called the #YSEquity Panel. We've been exploring what young people need to learn and what some of the challenges might be. This survey will give you the chance to share your thoughts and experiences on the topic, including what it feels like to be ready to learn and what you need to be ready. You'll also have the chance to share how the pandemic and the cost of living crisis have also impacted on you. 

Your feedback will be shared anonymously with the Scottish Attainment Challenge team at Scottish Government to help improve young people's experience in engaging with school and education. 

This survey should only take approximately 5 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey you will receive a Young Scot Rewards points code worth 100 points. 

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