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StoryMag is Scottish Book Trust's online magazine showcasing 13–19-year-old writers and illustrators from around Scotland. You can submit work to the online magazine twice a year but you need to create an account first. 

Why submit to StoryMag?

  • Every person who submits will get professional feedback on their piece of work
  • You have the chance to be published in the magazine
  • Feedback can help you grow and develop as a writer
  • It’s free to enter!

Who can submit an entry to StoryMag?

  • Anyone aged 13-19
  • Anyone making any kind of creative writing or illustration, including scripts, illustrations, comics, podcasts, videos, poetry, short stories and much more.

For more information and to submit your entries today, head to the StoryMag website.

You will receive your points code after submitting your entry.

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