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Keep Scotland Beautiful are inviting you to host your own One Planet Picnic!

One Planet Picnic is a picnic that is good for you and good for the planet! Take the lead on a One Planet Picnic, invite your friends and enjoy a delicious, sustainable picnic in your own garden or local park! Planning your picnic food can help reduce waste; preparing your own food is rewarding; and sharing food with friends and family is fun!

For sustainable ingredients, think about:

  • Locally grown fresh food that is in season.
  • Fairly traded ingredients.
  • Ingredients that have been grown organically.

There are lots of reasons to take part!

  • It’s a fun way to try out new tastes or enjoy old favourites.
  • Buying local produce means your money supports local people and businesses.
  • You can begin to recognise and enjoy foods that are better for the environment (as well as for you).
  • It’s something you can do with friends and family.

Find out more and register at the Keep Scotland Beautiful website. You can collect 150 points for registering!

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