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Are you interested in cyber security? Take a great virtual online course from CyberFirst.

CyberFirst will be delivering virtual online courses over the summer. 

Inspired and led by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, CyberFirst is a programme of opportunities and support helping young people explore their passion for computers and technology and introducing them to the fascinating world of cyber security.

All of the courses are carefully designed to bring out every student’s potential.  You will delve into how everyday technology really works; how the systems and software that surround us are connected to each other; how information flows through networks; and how we can take sensible steps to protect our digital world.  Perhaps most importantly, everyone who does CyberFirst gains a strong sense of responsibility – to act safely, legally and ethically.  

CyberFirst courses are:

  • Fun, free and interactive;
  • Instructor led in virtual classrooms;
  • Over 2 weeks in either morning or afternoon structured sessions;
  • Available June – August;
  • Available with guest speakers from industry and government;
  • SQA and NCSC Certified 

You can get from 250 to 2000 Young Scot Rewards points as well! 

You will receive your points codes after each workshop.

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