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Read: How to Exchange Points for Rewards

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Whether you are a new Young Scot Member or been with us for a while, we have put together some handy guides of how to make the most of your Membership account. This article will explain how to exchange your points to claim, apply for and enter prize draw rewards. 

There are four types of rewards that you can exchange your points on.

  • Win: Enter prize draws by exchanging 100 points. Items up for grabs can include tickets to sporting and cultural events or the latest tech and gadgets.
  • Claim: Exchange the nominated points to claim instant rewards like stationary, vouchers, sports gear and more.
  • Apply: Apply for experiential rewards in exchange for 100 points. Experiences can include going behind the scenes at events and businesses or work shadow experiences with leaders at top Scottish organisations. To apply for a reward you will have to complete a task or answer a question like 'why do you want to take part in this experience?'
  • Donate: Exchange your rewards points to make donations to important and well deserving charities and causes like the Big Issue, British Heart Foundation and MND Scotland.

To claim, apply for and donate rewards or to enter a prize draw you’ll need to be signed in. Click ‘Get Now’ to sign in and then complete the form. If you’re already signed in, simply complete the form and the required points will automatically be deducted from your available points shown on your Membership Dashboard. 

Once you have claimed a reward or won a prize draw the reward will be sent out to you within 45 working days. If you have applied for a reward and have been successful someone from the Membership team will get in touch with you to organise the experience. 

We recommend making sure your email address is up to date on your account so we can contact you about Reward opportunities you have redeemed. We will email you from or so we suggest you add these emails to your contact list or your safe senders to help emails land in your inbox. 

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