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Apply: 2021 Young Leaders Development Programme at 2050 Climate Group

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Take steps to learn and take action about climate change with 2050 Climate Group!

2050 Climate Group is now accepting applications for the Young Leaders Development Programme (YDLP) for 2021-2022.  

Who is it for?

  • 18-35 years old; and
  • Living in Scotland?

Do you have…

  • a desire to develop your leadership skills;
  • a willingness to inspire others; and
  • personal drive and energy?

As a Young Leader you will:

  • Receive free leadership training from Scotland’s foremost experts;
  • Build knowledge of climate change issues and solutions in day-to-day life, business, and politics;
  • Improve your communication and influencing skills;
  • Increase your confidence;
  • Build your CV with skills and experience;
  • Be part of a growing network of a diverse range of young people from across Scotland; and
  • Be able to inspire others to actively contribute towards taking action on climate change.

The YLDP is a free course that aims to equip young people aged between 18 and 35 years old who are resident in Scotland with the leadership skills and climate change knowledge they need to take action on climate change. 

 Now in its fifth year, applications are open to join the programme. The programme will kick off in September 2021 and run until March 2022 and will consist of six events which will include speakers, workshops and opportunities for collaboration and action.

Find out more information about the Young Leaders Development Programme and how to apply.

Deadline is June 17th at 10pm.

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About 2050 Climate Group

The 2050 Climate Group is Scotland’s youth climate group, which aims to lead a social movement by engaging, educating and empowering Scotland’s Future Leaders to take action on climate change. The group is a collection of young professionals across Scotland who all share a commitment to climate change mitigation and adaptation and accelerating Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy. The 2050 Climate Group is committed to leading the change, to inspire and be inspired by others and to start a movement of passionate, like-minded individuals who want to ensure a sustainable future beyond 2050.

To find more about 2050 Climate Group, click here