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Tell Us: Public Consultation: West Princes St Gardens Edinburgh

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The Quaich Project represents the next evolutionary chapter in the story of one of Edinburgh’s most famous landmark locations: West Princes Street Gardens.

The Quaich Project’s vision is to reimagine West Princes Street Gardens as a space for all to celebrate and enjoy in new ways – with improved accessibility, dynamic architectural designs and innovative facilities for for Edinburgh residents and visitors of all ages to enjoy. Please complete this short online survey where you can have your say and make a real difference to the future of West Princes Street Gardens by sharing your views on the playpark, activity spaces, seating areas and designs. 

The Youth Consultation is for those aged 8 to 17 to share views on the space. Click here to complete the Youth Consultation

There is a general public consultation for those aged 18 and above to express your opinions on the project too. Click here to complete the Public Consultation.

Complete the survey and you will receive your points code afterwards.

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