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Heading to college or university? Get your SAAS funding in place early and earn 750 Young Scot Reward Points!

Apply as early as possible to ensure your funding is in place by the start of your course. If you submit your application in May you'll get your year off to a flying start, plus you will earn 750 Young Scot Rewards points.

The SAAS Guarantee Date means if you apply before 30 June you will get your funding on time so don't put it off, apply as soon as you can. 

Top tips for applying for your SAAS funding:

  • Remember to tick the Tuition fee box on your SAAS application, so you can matriculate
  • Apply for everything at the start including loans - if you apply late your loan will be late
  • Apply with your first choice and change later, secure your funding first and SAAS can help you update it
  • You can now choose to have your SAAS payments over the full year
  • Your application is for one academic year only
  • Check your online SAAS Account regularly
  • Remember to apply to SAAS using the exact name you used for your UCAS/university/college accounts for example Jon, John or Jonathan, Pete or Peter

This year, SAAS has also launched a step-by-step guide which helps students through their application. This offers information and guidance on what to do before, during and after applying by simply answering 3 questions.

Not sure if you can afford college or university? Try out the Student Information Scotland Budget and Funding Calculators to see how much money you may need and how much funding support you may get.

Get more information about SAAS and find out what support is available to you. You can share your feedback about applying for funding by completing our short survey

Click here to apply for funding. You will receive an email from SAAS the month after submitting your application containing the code to redeem your Young Scot Rewards points.

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About SAAS

SAAS is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government giving financial support to all eligible students doing a course of higher education in the UK.

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