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Are you aged 12-13? Would you like to be part of the next issue of our new magazine?

We're excited to announce a special opportunity for you to be featured in the next edition of our magazine! We believe that every young person has a unique story to tell, an achievement to celebrate, or a moment to share. Whether it's a personal triumph, an inspiring project, or a snapshot that captures a special memory, we want to hear from you!

You can check out the latest YS Magazine here!

We're looking for you to submit one of these options:

  • Personal Stories: Share a narrative about a significant experience or moment in your life.
  • Achievements: Tell us about an accomplishment you're proud of, whether it's academic, athletic, artistic, or personal.
  • Photos: Submit a photo that means something special to you, along with a brief description of why it's important.

How to submit:

  1. Write your story: Keep it under 400 words


  1. Describe your achievement: Provide details about your accomplishment


  1. Submit a photo: Make sure it's high-resolution and include a caption (we can help with this!)

Submission guidelines:

  • Email: Send your submissions to
  • Subject line: Use "Magazine Submission - Your Name
  • Deadline: All submissions must be received by Friday 19 July

Why submit?

  • Be featured: Your story, achievement, or photo could be showcased in our next edition!
  • Inspire others: Share your journey and inspire peers with your experiences.
  • Recognition: Get recognized for your hard work and creativity.

We can't wait to see what you have to share. This is your chance to shine and let your voice be heard!

You will receive 150 reward points once we receive your submission.

YS Magazine Editorial Team

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