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Quiz: Learn more about Artifical Intelligence in Scotland at Scotland's AI Strategy

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Chatbots, driverless cars, Alexa - what do they all have in common? They all use artificial intelligence (AI). Learn more about AI in Scotland with the fun activity packs from Scotland's AI Strategy.  

Scotland's future lies with young people and Scotland's AI Strategy believe it is fundamental to include your voices in creating a better awareness of what artifical intelligence is and shaping AI's future in Scotland. 

Check out the AI and life in Scotland activity pack.

In this pack you’ll find learning materials about AI in Scotland. That includes writing, links to videos, links to further resources on topics such as facial recognition and autonomous vehicles.

You’ll also find links to quizzes about a variety of topics about AI in Scotland. These quizzes test some of your knowledge on AI, gets you thinking about some of the opportunities and challenges and what should happen with the future of AI in Scotland. Your opinions will then be combined with opinions of people from across Scotland to help shape the AI Strategy for Scotland.

Start your journey through the world of AI here to complete the quizzes and earn Rewards points. There are more links to videos, information and the interactive quizzes. You'll find the points code at the end of each quiz. 


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