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Do you ever wonder where you’ll be in ten years’ time? Write about it for Scottish Book Trust for the chance to meet Val McDermid!

Scottish Book Trust have teamed up with author Val McDermid to give you a chance to imagine yoursef in ten year's time.They are looking for a two-part piece of writing – it can be poetry or prose. The first part will be published in a book for Book Week Scotland 2020, and the second half will be put in a time capsule to be opened during Book Week Scotland 2030. No-one will know the ending for ten years – how’s that for keeping your readers in suspense? 

The theme for this competition is See You in 10 Years. They want you to write a piece with that title, but the way you interpret it is totally up to you. How is the world different? What is better? Have some things got worse? Has anything changed for you?

What is the task?

  • A story or poem of up to 1,000 words, that can be split into two parts
  • Open to people aged 13-19 at the time of submission

When is the deadline?

  • The deadline for submitting is Monday 31 August 2020, 12 noon. Book Week Scotland takes place 16-22 November 2020.

What happens if your story is picked?

If you’re selected, not only will you get to see your work published, but you’ll be invited to a special event with Val McDermid at the National Library of Scotland to celebrate. 

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