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Do you know of any young women, girls and non-binary people living anywhere in Scotland who are making changes in their communities and the wider society that you think should be celebrated? Find out how you can nominate them for the 30 Under 30!

30 Under 30 - The Young Women's Movement ( want to recognise young women and girls in Scotland who are creating change in their own lives, their communities and in society. This could be through their job, their school, a voluntary role or in their day-to-day life. Showcasing a range of experiences and achievements. Nominations could be for leadership and campaigning, art, sports, music, journalism, education, caring, health, youth work. You can nominate now by clicking here.

Who is eligible to be nominated? 

  • Self-identifying young women and girls and people from marginalised genders (e.g. non-binary people) who feel comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of young women and girls
  • Aged 30 or under
  • Living in Scotland, or are Scottish living abroad
  • Have not previously been featured on 30 Under 30

Self-nominations as well as nominations from others are encouraged. 

Nominations close by Monday 1st July at 9.00am. 

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About Young Women's Movement

The Young Women’s Movement is a feminist organisation and part of a worldwide movement of women leading change. Our vision is a world where every woman can shape her own life journey and fulfil her potential, where the voices of women are heard, respected and celebrate.

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