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Read: Using your Young Scot Card for Cashless Catering

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You can use your Young Scot National Entitlement Card to pay for school lunches. You or your parent/carer can do this by loading money up on the card, either via cheque/cash or online.

Adding Money in Person

Some schools have a coin machine where you can also top your card up using coins in the machines at school. The machines only take coins so make sure you have change. You can also usually add money for school lunches via the school office.

This may differ depending on what school you go to. Get in touch with your school office to find out how cashless catering works in your area.

Adding Money Online

Get in touch with your school office or local council directly to find out if you can top up the card online.

Common websites used for handling cashless catering payments are:

  • ParentPay
  • iPayImpact
  • Myaccount
  • Parent Portal

Free school meals

If you are entitled to free school meals, money will be automatically added to your card every day that you can spend in the school canteen.

You cannot add money to your Young Scot card via the Young Scot Membership website. Through the Young Scot Membership website you can access online discounts, rewards, activities and entitlements such as the Young Carers Package.

If you are experiencing trouble with cashless catering websites or with your card not working, we advise you to get in touch directly with your school office or local authority for more help, as Young Scot does not have access to cashless catering payment sites. 

If you need a new card, find the information on getting a replacement card here.

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