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Donate your Young Scot Reward points to the 2050 Climate Group.

2050 Climate Group are a youth-led and volunteer-driven organisation who are working to empower Scotland’s Young Leaders to lead action on tackling our climate crisis. Their vision is that by 2050, Young Leaders will be active citizens, having led and accelerated the progress to a just and sustainable society. They have been working since 2014 to empower, equip and enable young leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to take action on climate change. They are based in Scotland with a team of over 50 volunteers. 

The 2050 Climate Group deliver projects designed and led by young people, for young people. These projects include:

  • The Leaders Network - facilitating opportunities for 2050 Climate Group Young Leaders to connect
  • Young Leaders Development Programme - equipping young people between the ages of 18 and 35 in Scotland with skills to take action on climate change
  • Policy engagement work - enabling young leaders to influence systemic change on climate action
  • 2050x Fund - this is led by the Leaders Network and offers funding to groups aiming to tackle an aspect of climate change

Find out more about the work of the 2050 Climate Group.

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About 2050 Climate Group

The 2050 Climate Group is Scotland’s youth climate group, which aims to lead a social movement by engaging, educating and empowering Scotland’s Future Leaders to take action on climate change. The group is a collection of young professionals across Scotland who all share a commitment to climate change mitigation and adaptation and accelerating Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy. The 2050 Climate Group is committed to leading the change, to inspire and be inspired by others and to start a movement of passionate, like-minded individuals who want to ensure a sustainable future beyond 2050.

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