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Participate: Get Reward points for Taking Part in Activities This Summer at Get Into Summer

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This Summer, remember you can get Young Scot Reward points for taking part in activities!

If you're taking part in activities organised by your local council or an other organisation, ask them if you can get Young Scot Rewards points for participating. If they don't have codes already, let them know they can requests some by emailing

Young Scot Rewards points can be exchanged for exclusive Rewards and opportunities including vouchers, work shadowing experiences and loads more! Check out Young Scot Rewards to see what's available now.

Thanks for reading, your points code is: AR0SM0V7. You can also redeem your points automatically.

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Find out about local and national activities to get involved with, info and support and lots of Discounts and Rewards to make the most of this season and #GetIntoSummer

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