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Find out about amazing adventure days with the Outward Bound Trust!

Outward Bound Trust are extending their 1,000 Days of Adventure into the autumn to help give 11-17 year olds adventures they deserve. 

What is an adventure day?

Adventure days are fun and challenging, making the most of the natural environment. The day may include a range of hiking, canoeing, gorge scrambling, abseiling, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking and wild swimming. The list is endless - and no day at Outward Bound is the same.

This is a time for safe social interaction, to make new friends, have a break from screens – and perhaps most importantly – to have some fun in a safe, outdoor environment.

Where and when are they held?

The adventure days will take place during the October Holidays at Loch Eil Centre.

Who can apply?

Our Outward Bound Adventure Days are also open to all 11-17 year olds, no matter your circumstances - all we ask is for a small payment of £30 to help cover the cost.

Are there exceptions to the fee?

Outward Bound Trust can provide over 1,000 fully-funded outdoor Adventure Days for young people, for those eligible for free school meals and the young people who need this the most.

Find out more information and apply today.

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About The Outward Bound Trust

The Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity that helps young people defy their limitations through learning and adventures in the wild. Every summer they take 11-19 years olds out into the wild. This is where you can explore new talents and step outside your comfort zone.

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