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Read: Statistics about the Benefits of Reading at Scottish Book Trust

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Reading can have a huge impact on your wellbeing, improve your career opportunities and be influential to your development, find out more about the statistics of the benefits of reading below.

Scottish Book Trust is a national charity that has been bringing the benefits of reading and writing to everyone in Scotland for 21 years. They have a range of activities and resources to help you. 

To help you along with your reading adventures,  download the Bookzilla App from Scottish Book Trust. Bookzilla is a free app for early secondary school students in Scotland, which gives you tailored book recomendations, lets you see what's popular other people you know and challenges you to try something new with a reading dare. It has different featured collections every month.

Find out more about the facts about benefits of reading in the infographic below and collect 25 points.

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About Scottish Book Trust

We are a national charity bringing the benefits of reading and writing to everyone in Scotland.

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