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Bored in the holidays? Check out these great online creative activities for families from the National Theatre of Scotland!

Play Dates is a fun digital programme of interactive and entertaining workshops and activities for young people, plus their parents and carers, created by some of Scotland’s leading creative practitioners and freelance artists created by the National Theatre of Scotland in association with Starcatchers and Imaginate,

From Tuesday 28 July, a new series of interactive workshops made by freelance creative practitioners and artists will be released online, extending the existing Play Dates weekly programme and providing fun, entertaining activities for families during summer holidays.

There are currently thirty Play Dates episodes available for families to watch and get involved with on the National Theatre of Scotland website.

The programme has included:

  • interactive storytelling workshops,
  • freewheeling Unicorn Dance Parties,
  • a step-by-step guide to creating your own theatre show from the comfort of your home,
  • video workshops to enhance your storytelling,
  • special games and exercises to play through video calls with friends.

Find out more information about the series and links to take part.

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