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Heading to college or university? Get your SAAS funding in place early and you could win an iPad!

To get your funding in place for the start of your course, you'll need to submit an accurate application and supporting information to SAAS as soon as possible!

But don't leave it until the last minute! If you submit your application early you'll get your year off to a flying start, plus you will earn 500 Young Scot Rewards points.

When you redeem your Rewards points you will also be entered  to win an iPad.  You will automatically be entered to win when you redeem your Rewards points. 

Get more information about SAAS and find out what support is available to you.

Got a question about applying? Check out these handy hints and tips from the team at SAAS.

Click here to apply for funding. Once you submit your application you will receive an email at the end of the month containing a code you can redeem for your Young Scot Rewards points.

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About SAAS

SAAS is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government giving financial support to all eligible students doing a course of higher education in the UK.

To find more about SAAS, click here