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Do you know much about Gaelic, Scotland's native language? Learn more about Gaelic with Young Scot. 

Whether you are a Gaelic speaker or are simply interested in learning more about it, Young Scot has a whole range of information on Gaelic like tips on learning a language, benefits of being bilingual and discounts available to Young Scot cardholders. 

Head on over to discover more about Gaelic. You'll also find a points code worth 25 points.  


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About Gàidhlig

"Tha Gàidhlig comasach iomadh diofair cothrom a’ toirt dhut ann an Alba. Anns na bhideothan cothroman Gàidhlig tha daoine òga a’ bruidhinn mu dheidhinn na cothroman as fheàrr a thathar air fhaighinn tron a’ Ghàidhlig. Coimhead na bhideothan Cothroman Gàidhlig gus puingean Young Scot Rewards fhaighinn! Gaelic can provide many opportunities to young people in Scotland. In the Cothroman Gàidhlig (Gaelic Opportunities) videos, young Gaelic speakers from across the country talk about the best opportunity Gaelic has given them – from playing at music festivals to going to university. Watch the Cothroman Gàidhlig videos to learn about the many opportunities available through Gaelic and to collect Young Scot Rewards points!"

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