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#iWill in Scotland is represented by 38 inspirational young ambassadors. They are 10-20 year-olds who are leading fantastic social action in their communities.

They come from a variety of backgrounds across Scotland, but all have one thing in common – a passion that drives them to find time to help others. From mentoring their peers online, to coordinating a charity fundraiser or enhancing their local area, every one of these #IWill ambassadors is making a difference.

They were selected because they demonstrate a strong commitment to social action, and have inspirational stories to tell – stories which bring alive the double benefit of youth social action. Not only are these young people giving a great deal, but they are also building their character and skills in the process.

They have also promised to share their social action story with others, to encourage more young people to get involved, and the #iWill pledge that each has made is a commitment to continue making a difference to others. Do take a look through their stories and case studies and get to know them. It’s clear that for these #iWill ambassadors, social action has become a habit that will stay with them for life.

Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, you may not currently be able to volunteer in all the ways shown. However, now is a great time to start planning your next volunteer opportunity.

Read the #iWill Ambassador stories, and collect 25 points from each story.

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About #iWill

The iWill campaign promotes social action among 10-20 year-olds. This includes activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, all of which create a double benefit, to communities and young people themselves.

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