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Calling all young social activists, share your views on social action with the Diana Award.

The Diana Award wants to learn more about the young people making positive change across the world; what resources they find helpful and what resources they are lacking, with the aim to help tackle the challenges they face. That is why they have created the Centre for Social Action survey. This survey covers everything from motivations and support systems to digital preferences in diverse global contexts. By filling out this survey, you are helping The Diana Award better understand young social activists, identify resource strengths and weaknesses, and address challenges in social action work.

To take part in this survey, you must: 

  • Be aged between 13-25 (including these ages)
  • Have some interest or experience in social action (changing the world around you) 

This survey will take approximately 10 -15 minutes  to complete and all answers are anonymous.

Take part in the survey to share your views!

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About The Diana Award

The Diana Award was founded on the late Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change their community, their country and the world. We exist to empower young people to make that positive change. We do this by unlocking potential, inspiring action and creating opportunities for young people.

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