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Are you aged 8-26? Do you care about the environment? Are you keen to share your passion with other people?

Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Young Reporters Scotland could be the perfect opportunity for you to investigate and report on an environmental or sustainability issue which matters to you. You can build and develop your media skills and creatively raise awareness of issues within your community and beyond. Young Reporters Scotland is a fantastic opportunity for you to:

  • Build a range of life-skills such as communication, research and analysis;
  • Help shed light on the issues that matter to you;
  • Raise awareness of sustainability issues and the ways these are being addressed within your community;
  • Help you voice your views on how global issues affect local communities;
  • Share ideas with and learn from young people around the world who care about similar issues;
  • Have the opportunity to report on environmental events around Scotland.

Register today to collect 50 points and gain access to fantastic resources to help you become a reporter.

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Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign, act and educate on a range of local, national and global issues to improve the quality of people's lives and the places they care for.

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