Big discounts on fundraising targets for Scottish adventures at Raleigh International

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Apply for the Young & Green fund to receive a massive discount on the Re:Green fundraising target!

Raleigh International is looking for 100 volunteers aged 18-24 to join their first UK programme, Re:Green. Young Scot NEC holders (18-24 years old) can get a massive discount on their fundraising target, reducing the target for 2-week programmes from £875 to £95 and 4-week programmes from £1595 to £150.

Once a volunteer submits their application they will receive an invitation to join Raleigh International's online learning platform called MyRaleigh. This provides lots of information about fundraising including links to blogs on fundraising, videos of successful fundraising from past volunteers and a Fundraising Guide. Volunteers will also be connected with the Volunteer Journey Team at Raleigh International who will be able to support you with advice, tips and materials so that you can reach your target.

If you apply to be a volunteer, you will be automatically entered to win a Duke of Edinburgh approved Vango backpack. You'll receive your points code in an email from Raleigh International after you submit your application. Redeem your points and you will automatically be entered into the opportunity.

Interested? Check out the Raleigh volunteering programme and apply today. Remember to add into your application that your are applying for the Young and Green Fund to receive your discount!

About Raleigh International

Raleigh International is a Youth Action Organisation inspiring communities and young people around the world to create lasting change. This summer, Raleigh International are launching Re:Green - a new programme designed to increase the skills, knowledge, and capacity of young people to directly address the climate emergency. In 2021, Re: Green will be taking place in remote areas of Scotland and will challenge young people to step out of their comfort zone whilst increasing their environmental knowledge and awareness.

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