£6 off Admission

at The Edinburgh Dungeon

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Show your Young Scot or European Youth card at the admissions desk to get £6 off the full admission price at the Edinburgh Dungeon.

Surprises await you, for the past is dark and full of scares.

  • Sail the caverns of Galloway in search of the Cannibal clan of Sawney Bean. But stay afloat! For the catch of the day is you.
  • Meet Burke & Hare they'd kill for a body like yours.
  • Don't breathe too deeply in the Street of Sorrows as you cleanse the streets of plague the money is good but the hours are short. Will you live long enough to get paid?
  •  Also, Witch Hunt. Come face to face with Edinburgh's most powerful witch, Agnes Finnie, and the maniacal Witch Pricker who has her captive. Accuse or be accused! Get in first.




City of Edinburgh Council

31 Market Street  



About Partner:

The Edinburgh Dungeon is a uniquely thrilling attraction that will whisk you back to the ??bad old days'. See, hear and (ahem!) smell the chillingly amusing characters as they are brought to life before you. The tour is an 80-minute, fully-immersive, fully-themed interactive experience with 11 live shows and 2 underground rides.

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