40% off the first box + 20% off the next three boxes at GreenChef

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40% off the first box + 20% off the next three boxes
Spend less time shopping and cut food waste, while enjoying delicious meals every week!

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Take Control of Mealtimes in 3 Steps


Pick a diet preference, or mix and match tasty nutritionist-designed recipes to fit your lifestyle


Receive quality ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, with most dinners ready in 30 minutes or less


You get the right portion size, carbs, protein, fats and calories to eat in line with your health goals

Start Cooking - Choose from a variety of new, nutritionist-approved recipes each week.

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About GreenChef

The recipe box with 5 diet options to choose from each week. Take your pick from keto, lower carb, balanced, vegan and vegetarian.

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