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At Tortoise Media we do journalism differently – our newsroom is open, so you can add your voice and help us make the news. We are offering complimentary membership (worth £100) to Young Scot cardholders. This gives you access to our daily live events called ThinkIns, award-winning investigative stories and to our Tortoise daily news podcast called the Sensemaker; one short story every day to make sense of the world.

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About Tortoise Media

Tortoise is a slow newsroom. We focus on investigative journalism that understands the forces shaping our society, instead of churning out breaking news, which can feel pretty overwhelming. We want to report on the issues that are important to young people. That’s why we hold daily live news events called ‘ThinkIns’, that you can join to help shape our reporting, and let us know which stories you think we’re missing. We cover all sorts of topics, from the social effects of cancel culture, to why we need to accelerate net zero, to how we can deal with rising youth unemployment. Join us today and help make the news.

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