Get 50% on Days Out in Scotland at HAGGiS Adventures

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You can save 50% on days out in Scotland with Haggis Adventures!

Save on tours including for 'Loch Ness Hunter', 'Whisky, Warriors & Waterfalls', and 'Lochs, Castles & Kelpies'.

Click 'Get Now' to reveal your code and then book at the Haggis Adventures website.

You can use this code to book and travel until 18 February 2022.

Please note, there is a maximum discount of £20 per ticket.

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About HAGGiS Adventures

We believe that everyone needs a wee bit of Scotland in their heart. Our hearts were born tartan, and it's our mission to turn yours tartan too. We are passionate about giving you an authentic experience. We want to impart infinite local knowledge, with personal tales of the land we love so much.

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