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Start or expand your art supplies with this set!

This Castle Art Mixed Media set includes:

  • 30 soft touch wax-based pencils
  • 30 watercolour pencils
  • 30 metallic pencils
  • HB graphite pencil
  • Water-soluble woodless graphite pencil
  • 5 shades of soft pastel pencil
  • 3 grades of Charcoal Pencils (soft, medium & hard)
  • 5 colours pastel sticks
  • 3 graphite sticks (hard, medium, and soft)
  • 4 willow sticks
  • 3 grades of compressed charcoal (hard, medium & soft)
  • 6 sketchpads (white cartridge paper, pastel paper, dot graph paper, black paper, watercolour paper)
  • plastic eraser
  • kneaded eraser
  • sponge blender
  • sandpaper block
  • easy-to-follow 32-page handbook

What: Castle Art Supplies Mixed Media Set 

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Closing date: 27/03/2023

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