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Win two tickets to see Niteworks at the sold out finale of this year’s Mòd Phàislig!

Young Scot are excited to team up with the Mòd Phàislig 2023 to offer a Young Scot Member two tickets to see the folk-electronica powerhouse, Niteworks.

Niteworks are performing a special one-off show, their only Scottish venue gig of 2023, at the newly refurbished Paisley Town Hall on Saturday 21 October.

This opportunity is open to Young Scot Members aged 14+, under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

What: Two tickets for Niteworks at Paisley Town Hall on Saturday 21 October.

How: To enter to win this reward, click ‘Get Now’ and answer the questions correctly. 100 points will be deducted from your account.

Closing Date: 10/10/23

The winner will be contacted by email, please check your email address is up to date on your Membership account. 

Buannaich dà thiocaid airson Niteworks fhaicinn aig deireadh Mòd Phàislig am-bliadhna!

Tha Young Scot air bhioran a bhith ag obair còmhla ri Mòd Phàislig 2023 gus dà thiogaid a thabhann do Young Scot Member airson Niteworks fhaicinn.

Tha Niteworks a’ cumail cuirm shònraichte, an aon chuirm Albannach aca ann an 2023, aig Talla Baile Phàislig air Disathairne 21 Dàmhair.

Tha an cothrom seo fosgailte do Young Scot Member aois 14+, feumaidh clann fo aois 16 a bhith còmhla ri inbheach.

Dè: Dà thiogaid airson Niteworks aig Talla Baile Phàislig air Disathairne 21 Dàmhair.

Ciamar: Gus cur a-steach airson an duais seo a bhuannachadh,  cliog air ‘Get Now’ agus freagair na ceistean. Thèid 100 puing a thoirt bhon chunntas agad.

Ceann-latha dùnaidh: 06/10/23

Thèid fios a chuir chun bhuannaiche tro post-d, feuch an dèan thu cinnteach gu bheil an seòladh puist-d agad ùraichte air a’ chunntas Membership agad.

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About An Comunn Gàidhealach

An Comunn Gàidhealach is a company limited by guarantee and a voluntary membership organisation, with charitable status, founded in Oban in 1891 as a vehicle for the preservation and development of the Gaelic language. It actively encourages the teaching, learning and use of the Gaelic language and the study and cultivation of Gaelic literature, history, music and art. An Comunn Gàidhealach founded a Gaelic Festival modelled on the Welsh Eisteddfod in 1892. This Festival was called The Mòd and it is a result of considerable endeavors that now, over 100 years later due recognition has been granted to the Mòd in the form of the Royal assent.