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This week we're sharing resources & information as part of our Money And Me campaign - focusing on taxes! Today we are discussing emergency tax. Keep reading for all the info you need and to claim a £20 supermarket voucher!

So, what is emergency tax? HMRC may apply an emergency tax code to your salary if they don't have enough details about how much tax you need to pay.

Without all the information they need, HMRC will instead issue an emergency tax code. This is a temporary measure to make sure you still pay tax until they get the information needed to apply the correct code. This usually happens due to a change in your circumstances.

These changes can be:

  • Starting a new job
  • You start work for an employer after being self-employed
  • You start or stop getting benefits from your job
  • you receive taxable state benefits, or
  • you claim marriage allowance or expenses that you get tax relief on.

Money and Me has all the information you need about emergency tax and what you can do if you have been emergency taxed.

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