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Fancy exploring Scotland like never before? We've teamed up with HAGGiS Adventures to offer Young Scot Members a fully guided adventure around beautiful Scotland in a yellow bus!

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from knowledgeable guides and gain a bit of insight into tourism in Scotland, all while discovering our great country and making friends from around the world! 

What: 3 day Skye High tour.

Known as the Wild Child of Scottish Adventures, HAGGiS Adventures will take you on a tour of some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery – Loch Ness, Isle of Skye and Glencoe. Their guides will wildly entertain you about Scotland’s insane history, you’ll meet people from all over the world, and get the chance to dance in a tartan toga. Laughs are guaranteed on this epic Scottish road trip. Guide, Transport and two nights hostel multi-share dorm accommodation is included. Tour departs from central Edinburgh.

Read about the magical Isle of Skye on the HAGGiS Adventures blog. 

When: We'll work with HAGGiS Adventures and yourself to find a suitable time to go on your tour. 

HAGGiS Adventures offer award winning fully guided 1 - 10 day tours across Scotland and you can get an exclusive 10% off trips with your Young Scot card.  

To apply let us know why you'd like to go on a HAGGiS Adventure tour! 

Please note: You must be aged over 18 to apply for this reward and go on the trip. 

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About HAGGiS Adventures

We believe that everyone needs a wee bit of Scotland in their heart. Our hearts were born tartan, and it's our mission to turn yours tartan too. We are passionate about giving you an authentic experience. We want to impart infinite local knowledge, with personal tales of the land we love so much.

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