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It's Young Scot Membership's 2nd birthday, you can enter to win an animal adoption with the Scottish Wildlife Trust to help protect our environment.

To celebrate our birthday, we have some great new rewards! Young Scot Membership was set up on the 12th of June 2019 and since then we've had many great opportunities for young people.

Scottish Wildlife Trust champions the cause of wildlife through policy and campaigning work, demonstrates best practice through practical conservation and innovative partnerships, and inspires people to take positive action through its education and engagement activities.

By adopting an animal, you will be helping to protect these iconic species and Scotland’s precious natural environment for the future.

What: Animal adoption of your choice (choose from otter, puffin, red squirrel, beaver, harbour seal or garden bumblebee), a plastic-free adoption pack and regular updates on your animal

How to enter: To enter to win this reward, click ‘Get Now’ and complete the form. 100 points will be deducted from your account. 

Closing date: 25th June 2021


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